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Have any of you out there been lucky enough to have been selected from the first round question?

If not, is anyone else extremely frustrated in waiting?

I've been waiting since 9am, and its now 6.45pm :/
Any Harry Potter Group is a friend of ours:

Keep submitting your amazing work, and don't forget to invite your friends
Yay or nay?
you guys will love it. truly.
Magical. Brilliant. Spectacular
Hey all, I thought I'd let you know about a Harry Potter Convention in Saint Louis Missouri called 24Hours of Potter.…

It's an interactive experience and an intimate gathering. Run by the same group that runs Kawa Kon, 24 hours of potter is a 24 hour event that caps off with feasts, tea parties, riddles, and games. There are activities for all age groups, from fan fiction readings for the devious teen, to puppet making for the kids. 24 hours of potter is a group effort in which we crammed days worth of activities in to just a day.

On Thursday night if you purchase a movie pass you'll be able to take part in a pre release party along with a shuttle to and fro the reserved theatre. Just think, no lines, no pushing for a seat, and all of the fun and free rides you need.

Along with the convention is a special Feast Pass in which you will be able to eat a delectable meal in the great hall complete with parlor games and entertainment. All effort has been put into this event, we'll have cosplay awards and trivia contests. Why limit yourself to a 2 hour movie when you can send the series out in style and company?

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